Calculation Sheet for Tours and Trips

Meet the calculation sheet made just for travel professionals. 

Calculating varied fare prices can become a chore. The calculation sheet for tours and trips is ready to change that.

Set up a calculation sheet for a trip or tour to get an overview of all the prices based on the itinerary period and price types. The calculation sheet then displays everything you need, including taxes for the sell price, margins and profit percentages.

Flexible Pricing

Automatic calculation

Travel arrangements can vary depending on the number of travelers, their preferences, and the available suppliers.  

The Calculation Sheet displays different trip and tour prices for multiple types of arrangements at once, allowing for comparisons between the fares. You can decide for the best arrangements and dates along with your customer. And if you need additional arrangements, adding a new product can be done directly in the calculation sheet.

Package Overview

Products and dates

Oversee all products included in a trip or tour, their individual prices, and the allotments available in the calculation sheet.

Products are edited in the sheet view, and package details can be modified in the sheet setup tab. Availabilities are added based on a time period and number of persons, and they can be repeated on a specific weekday or interval. The calculation sheet is the best way to have an overview of your tour and trip prices.

Easily Editable

Enhance trips directly in a sheet

Save time going back and forth between the Trip Designer and products by directly editing and adding arrangements to your trips and tours in the calculation sheet. 

You can add either an empty or an already existing product while viewing the sheet. The sell price is editable according to price types and person numbers. Products already added in the sheet can also be edited in terms of basic details, suppliers, and prices.