• Multi-language ready
    Add description texts with different translations
    Add validity periods for your products
    Add multiple images and/ or videos
    Add multiple Product Characteristics
    Add Suppliers to each Product or to each price of the Product
    Add Embark and Disembark location for tours
    Create supplier orders
    Add Order remarks for supplier orders
    Create different types of tasks and assign them to coworkers, users of Victoury

Different type of prices

  • Charge nights or days
    Charge per person
    One time charge if the price is to be charged once for more days
    Each price can have a different validity period
    Each price can have four price types defined in the choice list (ex. Accommodation, Full board, No Flights, etc)
    For each price a duration in days or nights can be set
    For each price different currencies can be set for buy and sell
    For each price different taxes and commissions can be applied
    For each price a remark can be set
    For each price a rule can be applied (from the set of rules defined in Victoury in order to apply discounts and more)


  • Check “Has Allotments” and create multiple Starting dates for a product (in case of trips or group tours with predefined number of days and One time charge prices)
    Possibility to set a specific day of the week when the product is bookable
    Possibility to select the type and number of allotment: rooms, cabins, persons or seats


  • Standard, Itinerary, Lead
    Create personalized offers for your customers
    Add new customers as persons, companies, agents.
    Set different commissions in case of customers that are agents
    Customer details with all deals summary, invoices, payments and operations


  • Available for adding additional products to create a final package type product.
    Each product added to the package can be set as optional or mandatory
    The price of the package product may be set one for the entire package, or, may be formed by the prices of all supplement products added in the package.


  • Create customer invoice instantly
    Generate Supplier invoices/payments management
    Import bank statements (receive automatically customer payments and register supplier payments)
    Insights: Statistics and bookings overview
    Brands, each with well defined details reflected on document templates and Minisite, all manageable in one place
    Search Engine Optimized minisites
    Email sending via SMTP/Online Mail services on bookings, deals, etc.
    Minisite with online booking engine (credit card payments)
    Leads and Sales tracking in Pipeline
    Tasks management and import appointments to a calendar: Google or Microsoft