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Meet the back office suite designed for the dive travel market

Our modules at a glance

Diving Shared Marketplace

Access prices from our database of
400+ dive centers & resorts

Package Price Calculator

Create package prices with integrations from third parties for online display

CRM System

Manage your online packages using our back-office reservation system

The Victoury Suite

All you need now at your fingertips.

Create packages, display them online, and manage your reservations in record time.

Our modules at a glance…

Diving Shared Marketplace (DSM)

Save countless hours inputting prices into your back-office system with our rate management platform.

With the Diving Shared Marketplace, you can automatically import prices from our database of 400+ dive centers and resorts.

Cater to a global audience with multi-currency support from our cloud-based platform. The DSM can be customized by each user, and together with the advanced search filters for rates and products, navigation is a breeze. 

So dive in and discover the future of the diving market.

Package Price Calculator (PPC)

Easily calculate (dive)excursion package prices for display on your website. 

Creating a dive package with the PPC is seamless. Get real-time prices using integrations with third party systems such as flight, accommodation, and liveaboard providers. Choose your rate with the advanced price filters and monitor your prices in the dashoard. 

Accessible in the cloud, the platform is ready to be integrated at any time with multi-tenancy support

Enjoy the time you save making package prices and leave the numbers to us.

CRM System

The powerful management system behind our suite.

Use Victoury Lite to manage and display your packages online or use the full version of our unparalleled CRM back-office reservation and administration system. 

Manage your travel business entirely in Victoury ⁠— starting from trip designing, all the way to generating travel documents, handling customer and supplier payments, and automating your emails. Our team is ready to help you customize your account with personalized document templates, on-demand features, and specific account settings. 

...and with more integrations available

Victoury Service Hub

Import prices, schedules and availabilities from third parties such as:

  • tour operators with TUI, Schauinsland, Corendon, and more, 
  • bed banks with 50+ bed banks offering more than 700.000 hotels,
  • flight consolidators like Amadeus, AED, or others,
  • and liveaboard databases.
Our service hub connects systems for easy data import and export depending on your needs, all so you can focus on your work in one platform. The connections are adapted to your needs and developed by our team.


Display live schedules, packages and prices directly on your website from:

  • Over 200 liveaboards
  • Tour operators and Bed-banks 
  • The Dive Center

All package prices are cached to keep your website at top speed. The data exchange is done in real-time so you can get reservations 24/7.

The Hub is also available to a global market with multi-currency and multi-language options. Align with your brand by customizing your interface and content, and create tailor-made offers. 

Implementation / How it works

Add to your website or use our ready-made website module

Incorporate the Victoury applications into your present website or choose our ready-made, commercially available website module — entirely up to you!

Our website module is specifically designed to deliver all of our suite’s features effortlessly to your diving public. Available as a “plug and play” solution or fully customizable to suit your specific needs. 


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