The All-In-One Software Solution For Your Travel Business

Streamline your operations with the most extensive booking management software and tour planner.

Start by adding your products and make a custom trip in the trip designer shared through a live travel plan. Once a trip is booked, you can easily communicate with both the supplier and the customer. Victoury’s back office connection allows you to send emails and documents automatically linked to the respective deal, travelers, and suppliers. 

Travelers can have their travel preferences saved to be recontacted for future deals. All payments are tracked and can be exported to an accounting system. And you can always be sure to have an overview of everything going on by generating custom insights and graphs in the Business Insights tab.

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Create the best travel experience for your customers and let us provide your tour operator booking software. 

Manage every aspect of your travel business directly in Victoury.

Assign tasks to your employees, look over statistics, follow up with customers, and make personalized deals — all in one software. 

Get More Done In Less Time

Display a new product in less than an hour and enjoy the time you save

Impress With Custom Tours

Unleash your potential in Victoury’s Trip Designer and put together the most memorable tours

Complex Price Calculation

Set up the Calculation Sheet with your local taxes and supplier fees, and you won't need to calculate anything again

Paperwork Made Easier

Victoury helps you manage your accounting and generates the documents you need — invoices, travel offers, and vouchers


Tour operator booking software

The Trip Designer

Meet The Most Powerful Tour Creator
With the Trip Designer you plan a tour from A to Z.

Each Day’s Program Is Customizable
And Flexible
You can add all the necessary details to the tour, from embarking locations paired with a map, to pictures, videos, and text in different languages.

Easy To Access Site For Your Customer
The tour details are available on a custom site, and changes made in Victoury are updated in real-time.

Tour operator booking software

The Calculation Sheet

A Tool Made For Travel Professionals
Find every kind of price and tax you need to create a tour.

Endlessly Customizable
Once you set up the local taxes and currencies, calculating tour prices can be done in only a few minutes. You can choose the tour capacity and allotment dates for which prices are compiled in a convenient sheet.

Overview Of Profit And Margins
Each tour variation has a profit and margin section where you can change your markup in one click.

Tour operator booking software

Customer Communication

Follow Up With Ease
Send offers, booking confirmations, invoices, and emails directly from Victoury.

Personalized Tours And Deals
Create the perfect travel package for your customer for any availability and need. Our API connectors fetch current supplier prices, so rearranging or changing a tour is a matter of minutes.

Tour operator booking software

Business Insights

Everything At A Glance
See data on your sales based on the factors you choose — time period, country, tour type, sales agent, and supplier.

Monthly Overview
Manage your paperwork with the monthly overview. Look at all the sales done in a selected month and export them with ease.

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They Love Working With Us

See what our clients have to say about Victoury

Before Victoury, we used different types of applications to run our tour operating business. We now use Victoury which is a user friendly all in one software that makes our work easier.
We were looking for a complete solution that could manage all of our operations online and offline. We found this solution in the Victoury Platform. It allows us to manage all of our different brands and push our sales through channels.
L.V. Travel & Touroperating
The Victoury support team answers our questions almost instantly via an online chat platform which is available all over the software. That is extremely useful.
Victoury includes a customer relationship management system, a content management system which allows us to create and describe our products with styled text and multimedia files, a day-by-day trip designer, and a specific calculation tool to calculate our sell rates.

We can publish our products real time on a website included in Victoury (which we have customized) and make our selected products instantly bookable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In case the Frequently Asked Questions didn’t answer your question, please contact us through the contact form.

If you have an internet connection, which you probably do since you are on our site, then nothing else. Victoury is cloud-based so you don’t need to download anything.

Yes, you can use Victoury and sell products to other businesses. Our software is created for both B2C and B2B models. 

As a B2B company, you can create products and assign commissions to agents. 

Victoury is browser-based, so you don’t need any specific hardware. The recommended browsers are Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. 

You can have an overview of the plans and what is included in each on our Pricing Page. 

If you need support from our team in choosing a plan, please contact us by Requesting a Demo. A representative will reach out to you and set up a session with you where you can have all your questions answered.

The Victoury plans are designed with your business in mind, that’s why there is a plan for any business size. 

The Starter Plan is suited for small travel businesses that want to see how Victoury can help them. 

The Standard Plan is true to its name as it holds the features any business needs to start out. 

The Professional Plan is adapted to your business with special customizations and higher priority support.

The Enterprise Plan has flexible pricing based on what your business needs. This plan is recommended for large travel businesses which need more users and have a higher traffic volume. 

For more information about what is exactly included in each plan, please check out the Pricing Page.

You can get access our public API and then implement your own web call to get the data you need related to products and customers.

The user license refers to how many users can access the software at once. 

That means that multiple people can access the same account, however, the number of concurrent sessions can’t exceed the number of user licenses you acquired. 

You can always choose to stop using Victoury since our payment plan is flexible. We don’t have annual payments, so you aren’t bound to a long-term contract. 

We have a special set of Web API which are not measured at the moment.

We will implement API call limits in Q4 of 2022 and out customers will receive offers based on their plan and volume.

Learning Center

Have a look at how Victoury is used by checking out the material in the Learning Center. We are available for any questions that you might have.

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Tour operator booking software