Live Travel Plan for Your Customers

Share a travel plan updated in real-time.

The travel plan is available as a webpage and a document.

Each trip-based deal creates a copy of the trip, so any changes you make are kept on the deal level. This means that you can make personalized arrangements by editing an already-existing trip. The travel plan is generated according to the selected arrangements and your design.

A Personal Itinerary

Offer a custom vacation

Craft a unique trip directly in a deal. 

Edit the trip arrangements for your customers according to their wishes without modifying the original trip. Any extra arrangements are included in the customer’s deal. You can create an order quote after all the details are set. 

Available In Multiple Languages

Add translated product texts

Include translations if you have customers that speak different languages.

Fill in product texts in the languages your customers use and easily switch between the available languages. Simply change the preview language in the trip designer for an itinerary and the travel plan is updated.

Instant Updates

Modify travel plans anytime

Any changes to a trip are visible in a matter of seconds

Changes to a product text, an image, or trip details are reflected on the travel plan in less than a minute. These can be edits to the trip details, adding another product, removing a product from the trip, or switching the display language. Your customers see all the trip details either on the web page shared with them or in the travel document.