Travel Business Statistics

Meet the statistics made just for travel professionals. 

View employee performances and travel statistics of your business by using the filter criteria.

Insights can be filtered by arrangement type, brand, destination country, number of travelers, products, sales agent, and supplier. Export the results you need as an XLS file for further reference and for maintaining regular reports. Access all the travel statistics your business needs in the Insights tab.

Statistics Tab

Custom Business Insights

Analyze your sales depending on your products, destinations, agents, and brands.  

Get a detailed overview of the selected factors for a specific time period defined either by travel or booking dates. To view the statistics, select the report type based on deals, pax, turnover invoices, and turnover deals, and then choose the criteria for the data. 

Overview Tab

Review deals from a past month

Select a month and see all the deals from it.

Use the search criteria such as the product brand, deal type, product supplier, deal code, or supplier name to get a monthly report for your deals. Each deal has its general details displayed along with the products’ descriptions and travelers assigned to every product.

Pipeline Tab

Oversee deals by status

Track each point of the customer journey in the pipeline view. 

The Pipeline Tab displays all deals in columns ordered by the deal status. The columns can be edited according to your business needs, and limits to the number of deals displayed are available to be set. Employees see only the deals assigned to them, while administrators see all deals and can assign them. Deal cards are moved by drag and drop, which in turn updates their status.