Client Space Platform For Your Customers

Meet the client space made for your customers. 

Share trip details and documents with your travelers in real time on a secure account.

The client space is a platform accessible on mobile and desktop where your travelers always have an overview of their trips. Both you and your travelers can upload travel documents such as passports, travel plans, and identification cards. After their trip, your customers can upload pictures or request another trip.

Trip Plan On The Go

Accessible Itinerary Details

Your customer’s trip is visible either on the mobile app or the desktop platform at all times.

When you publish a deal, your customer receives a link to create an account. From there on, they can access the trips you choose to publish for them and see their arrangements for each day. 

Customer Profile

Linked to your Victoury account

Personal information, contact details, and  emergency contacts at a glance.

The information from your Victoury account is linked to the customer’s profile and is editable at all times. Any updates your customer makes to their profile are also done in Victoury.

Post-Travel Options

Book the next trip

Your customers can always request a new trip directly from the client space.

Under the menu your customers can access a New Travel Request form. This form comes into your Victoury account as a lead from where you can reach out to the customer and plan the next trip.

After a trip was completed, your customer has the option to upload pictures from their trip to the platform.