Customer Relationship Management

Meet the customer management system made just for travel professionals. 

Automate your customer communication all in one platform.

Victoury saves you time switching across platforms and communication channels. You always have an overview of your customer’s preferences, past deals, their agent, and their current status. Connect your email to Victoury and send emails from the software.  Handle your operations efficiently using the customer relationship management features in Victoury.

Prompt Customer Service

Define communication points

Victoury offers a comprehensive view of customers from the first point of contact.

All communication points can be tracked, from lead acquisition to closed sales. Past deals can be used to target customers with specific marketing. And to save you even more time, set up email templates and use them at any stage of your customer’s journey.

Automated Actions

Smooth predefined operations

Custom Rules perform an action when a specific event is triggered.

For instance, when a booking is done on your website, the agent is assigned so they can contact the lead. Customers are notified of their booking through an automated message sent via email. All communications are tracked so management can see performance reports for employees or areas of activity.

Email Connection

Send emails from Victoury

Establish an email connection and communicate with ease. 

Once you set up the email connection, you can send and receive emails without accessing another platform. The available email templates will make contacting customers even faster. If an email is linked to an order, you have an overview of the email history under the order.