Daily Travel Plan with the Trip Designer

Meet the trip designer made for travel professionals. 

Creating an itinerary is a complex process. That’s why we made the trip designer.

Simply select your products and images, and share the trip with your customers — all so you can focus on what really matters. The trip designer is the tool to easily craft trips for your customers. They can be as detailed or as simple as you want, and for special requests, they can be customized for each traveler.

Endlessly Customizable

Enjoyable trip creation

Trips can be edited to match a customer’s wishes without altering the original.  

A copy of the itinerary is linked to every deal and can be edited at will. Additional arrangements requested by the customers are added to an additional deal. Any changes made to the trip are updated in real time on your website.

Daily Travel Plan

Visual trip designer

Manage each day’s activities and arrangements in the timeline. 

Products can be arranged by drag and drop, and the trip’s duration is editable at any time. Every product and day has descriptions, embark and disembark locations with an integrated map, and multimedia images.

Multiple Languages

Accessible for a wide range of customers

Accommodate customers that speak different languages.

In Victoury, you can switch product descriptions and the travel plan to another language with just one click. The information is updated automatically so your customers can access their trip details in their preferred language. All you have to do is add the languages you need in the settings and fill in the product description in the corresponding language.