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Create A Functional Product Website In Less Than An Hour

Most websites are simple.

They contain a product with a description, images, a day-by-day plan, and a booking feature. However, developing a site for each product and keeping it up to date is a tedious task.

The Victoury WordPress Plug-in is designed with ease in mind.

You can display a product on a website and have it aligned with your design faster than before. All you have to do is install the Plug-in and add the shortcodes to the existing pages.

What does it look like?

Contact us for a demo and we will gladly explain how this works.

You can see some examples below of websites made from Elements Envato templates (coming soon).

What do I need?

Downloading the Plug-in is free, however, you need an active Victoury account to generate the API keys. 

Contact us today for a demo and see how Victoury works.

Public API System from Victoury

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If you instead have another CMS system or want to make your own website, we have a public API available for you.

You will have access to the client space alongside the usual web methods, listing products and making deals. With these tools, you can create a more advanced website along with your developers or on-demand with the Victoury team.

The Help Center

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Here you can find articles and videos on how to use the software.

In case you have any questions or concerns, please contact our support team through the Intercom.