Convenient Travel Documents

Automatic travel documents just for travel professionals. 

A trip includes a lot of papers, especially when dealing with a large group of travelers. 

Victoury handles all of that for you.

Travelers have a profile where their details and travel documents are saved. Trips and tours made in Victoury have a travel plan created automatically which matches your branding. And to make it all easier, any kind of travel-related document is sent via email in one click, including invoices, offers, vouchers, and proforma documents.

Automatic Documents

Send invoices and travel plans

Creating travel plans by hand takes a lot of time. When you have a lot of bookings, it becomes a tedious process.  

For any trip or deal, you can generate the travel plan and other trip-related documents in a matter of seconds. Once the deal is confirmed, invoices are created so you can send them to the supplier or customer via email.

Invoice paperwork for a customer with general, reservation, pricing, and payment details

Invoices, Accounting, and More

Any document at your fingertips

Easy to export and import documents.

Victoury also includes integrations with accounting systems so you can streamline your process. Payments can be tracked and exported at any time for accounting purposes. And if you need more than that, keep your payments up to date by importing bank statements into the system.

Custom Format

Aligned to your unique brand

Edit the document templates according to your branding.

All documents available in Victoury are generated using templates editable to your liking. Assure a smooth experience for your customers by including the necessary trip details to the templates. You can add your logo, a day-by-day plan, accommodation information, and any other section you wish.