Supplier Connections for Faster Operations

Meet the supplier connections made for travel professionals. 

Send orders, generate invoices and manage payments in one place.

Access everything your travel business needs in its daily operations. Each supplier’s information is saved in a profile, allowing you to assign suppliers to products and trips, and contact them for requested bookings. And to save you more time, you can set up automatic orders for your products.

Automatic Orders

Send an instant booking request

Enable the “Automatic Order” setting to send an order once a deal is confirmed.

This option is available for prices. If you have an email connection set up, the product’s supplier receives an order as soon as you confirm a booking. Additionally, an entry for the order, payment, and invoice is created under the Operations tab.

Invoices and Payments

Available for every booking

Invoices and payments are created for each confirmed deal.

Every deal contains a customer and supplier invoice, an order quote, and a customer payment. Payments are updated by importing bank statements or by adding them manually. The invoices can be exported to your accounting system or downloaded.

Email Service

Add email addresses to Victoury

Use templates to send documents, orders, and various emails to your suppliers. 

Connect your business email to Victoury to send direct order requests to your suppliers, along with invoices and other documents. The automatic emails sent to your suppliers can be modified in the text library to contain the information you need.