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Export Data Into Your Accounting System

In Victoury, we offer an “Export to Accounting System” feature for exporting:

  • Customer invoices
  • Supplier invoices
  • Supplier (SP) and customer payments (CP) from Deals/Accounting

Before utilizing this feature, please contact our support team, as specific details need to be set up in the system’s Parameters, within the database, to align with your accounting system’s configuration.

The keys for the accounting export can be defined in these parameters by Brand.

Main parameters include:

  • Financial periods
  • Journals (buy – sell – finance)
  • Accounting numbers (buy – sell – finance)
  • Tax settings
  • Use of cost accounting export (cost centers and cost units)
  • Splitting amounts by product category
  • Option for a 2-step export for future realized turnover, where turnover and costs are initially booked on a “To be realized” account number and transferred to the realized account number when the customer travels

Currently, this feature exports data in an XML format, designed for importing into the Exact Accounting Systems API ( Exporting to other accounting systems may require a format adjustment to comply with those systems’ APIs.

You can find the Export to Accounting System feature in the Customer Invoices list, Supplier Invoices list, and Deals/Accounting list.

A screenshot showing the export button in the operations tab

How It Works

Step 1:

  • Select the invoices (Customer or Supplier invoice list) or payment (Accounting) and from the Edit Icon, click on Export to Accounting System, as illustrated in the screenshot above.

Step 2:

  • Choose the brand and click OK.
A screenshot showing the brand selection window for the export

Victoury then executes the export and generates an XML file for importing into the accounting system.

Step 3:

  • The system will prompt you to confirm if you wish to set the “Export status” to “EXP” for the selected invoices.
A screenshot showing the invoice export status window

Following step 3, if the “Realization export” option is activated in the parameters, there will be a step 4 where you can choose to perform the Realization export.

A screenshot showing the realization export window

If you click Yes, the system will inquire if you want to perform the export on the selected items only.

A screenshot showing the realization export confirmation window

If you select Yes, the export is generated only for selected items.

If you select No, the export is generated for all invoices with Exported (EXP) status, indicating these invoices are already booked on an account number “to be realized”.

For invoices with the status Exported (EXP), upon completion of the Realization export, their status will be updated to Exported Final (EXF).

A screenshot showing the updated status of the exported files