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February Updates to Victoury

We’re excited to share the latest updates to Victoury with you. During our February updates, we focused on adding new features to editing products in batch, improving the booking experience, working on the integration with the Mollie payment portal to calculate down payments, and extending the search filters in the deal listing. Aside from that, we also deployed various small improvements and fixes to enhance your experience while using Victoury.


  • The booking wizzard shows product descriptions with formatting.
  • The integration with the Mollie payment portal is available.
  • You can now search deals by multiple product codes.
  • You can edit the visited areas in the product batch edit.
  • Our help center can now be found on our website.

Updates to The Booking Wizzard

Product descriptions can be previewed for normal products and for group tours when searching for a product. All the formatting done in the original product will be displayed as well, making it easier for you to see how the text would look like.

Mollie Integration For Down Payments

In earlier updates we introduced an integration with the Mollie payment portal ( The integration comes in the form of a placeholder when sending emails or in the texts library where you can edit your text templates. A link to the payment page is added once the placeholder is added to an email. You can check the payment link by clicking on the “Preview” button before sending an email from Victoury. 

The update now includes calculations for down and total payments. Here’s what it does:

  • If there is a down payment due, the link will prompt your customer to pay that.
  • If there was a down payment but it’s past the due date, the link will prompt your customer to pay the deal total. 
  • If there was just a total payment, your customer would have that as the payment.

Search Deals Including Specific Products

You can now search all deals that include a specific product by using the advanced deal filters. The field supports searching for multiple products at a time and can be accessed by opening the search filters in the Deals List. 

Product Batch Edit – Visited Areas

The product batch edit has been available in Victoury before. This update adds the option to change the visited areas along with the previous options:

  • Product characteristics
  • Country or region
  • Whether the product is published on a website or not
  • The source if there’s any 
  • The Supplier

To batch edit products, simply select the products by checking the checkboxes and click on the pen icon. Select “Batch edit” and a window will pop up. Before applying your changes, you will see a detailed preview of the edits to be applied and a list of the products. Click on “Edit Products” to go back and edit your products further. Once you’re done, click on “Save” and the changes will be applied.

The Help Center is now available on our website

As part of a series of updates oriented towards easier navigation through our help center, we have decided to move our help center on our website. It can be accessed on the following link: