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Settings – Currencies

The Currencies tab allows you to add as many currencies to the system as you’d like.


A screenshot showing the currencies table

The exchange rate for your main currency (home currency) should be 1. The Season Begin and Season End fields indicate the dates between which the exchange rate is effective. The Code refers to the currency code, for example, EUR for Euro or USD for US dollars.

The exchange rate for any currency you add is calculated based on your main currency. You will have to select the rate that shows how much of your main currency you need to buy a unit of the new currency.

Example: If 1 USD = 0.92 EUR and 1 EUR = 1.08 USD

If the main currency of your account is EUR, then the exchange rate set for USD would be 0.92.

If the main currency of your account is USD, then the exchange rate for EUR would be 1.08.

You may edit or delete your entries by selecting them and using the Actions section.

A screenshot showing how to edit currencies in the table

Expired currencies can be archived if you edit the currency and select “Is Archived”.

This means that this rate will not be used in the Prices for Exchange Rate.