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Settings – Users

Use the Users tab to manage user accounts for your VCT.
If you click the ADD USER button, you will need to enter the authentication details for your users.

A screenshot showing the Add user button in the account settings

The Username is the identifier used for system login.
The Password must be at least 10 characters long, including at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, and at least one number.
The Full Name and E-mail are used for identifying a user and can be edited in the My Profile section by each user.

Selecting the Brand is mandatory.

The SIGNATURE may be set to multiple languages, and placeholders can be used in text fields (such as #{{logo}} and #{{userBrandLogo}}).

Users can be edited by clicking Actions / Edit or disabled by selecting the Disable User option.

A user cannot be deleted, only disabled.

The User Role

A screenshot showing a window in which a user is edited

Administrator – has full access to actions across the system

Operator – has limited access to actions across the system

  • has no access to Settings menu
  • has no right to modify Product Code
  • cannot assign or delete deals in Pipeline
  • has no access to view unassigned deals in Pipeline
  • has no right to lock/unlock products

Pipeline Distinctions For Users

In the Pipeline:

If your role is set as Admin:

  • You will see all the cards assigned to you, as well as those not yet assigned.
  • You have access to Assign to and Delete options.

If you are an Operator:

  • You will only see the cards assigned to you.
  • Assign to and Delete options are not available to you.

User Session And Inactivity Time In Victoury

Each time a user logs into Victoury, a session starts, lasting for 60 minutes. This 60-minute interval is reset each time an API call is made using the VCT interface. This means if a user does nothing for 59 minutes after login but then triggers an API call to the VCT server at minute 59, another 60-minute interval begins, preventing logout.

This 60-minute setting is a general setting for Victoury.