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Grouptour Products And Booking Group Tours

What is a Group Tour Product?

Group Tour products are marked with “Is Package” set to true, featuring starting dates and Tour Codes in the Product Details/Allotments tab. These package products typically involve Calculation Sheets to calculate the price per person and profit based on the number of participants. However, a Group Tour can also be listed without Calculation Sheets in the Product list.

Defining Group Tour Products

Group Tour – Tour Codes

Each group tour product is characterized by one Group Code and by distinct Tour Codes corresponding to its starting dates.

The Tour Code comprises the Group Code and the departure date for each starting date.

Mandatory Settings in Product Information:

Category – Group Tour

Is Package – Yes

Group code defined

A screenshot showing the mandatory settings for a group tour product (category, package, and group code)

Starting Dates / Allotments

Starting dates determine when the group tour is available, based on allotment type and number. Each starting date can be assigned a different allotment type and a specific number of allotments, which is the maximum number that can be booked for each tour code.

For Group Tours, the allotment type must be Group.

A screenshot showing the allotment details in a group tour product

Allotment records have been updated to include:

  • Is Per Person checkbox
  • Guaranteed Departure Number – indicates the minimum number of allotments required for departure.
  • Status: Cancelled, Guaranteed Departure; Open – to be manually set by the Tour Operator
A screenshot showing the extended allotment settings in the allotment window

Tour Leader

For each starting date, a tour leader is responsible, meaning each Group Tour product will have a tour leader associated with each starting date.

A Tour Leader can be a person associated with a supplier or an individual added to the Persons list with Tour Leader specified as their Type.

A screenshot showing the tour leader section of a group tour product

An availability record must be created for each starting date.

Price Settings for the Group Tour Product

  • The start and end dates of the prices should encompass the period (start and end date) for each starting date created in the Allotment tab.
  • For pricing, if the Guaranteed Departure Number = No. of allotments, a single price suffices. This price should have Max persons = No. of allotments and Min persons =1.
  • For pricing, if the Guaranteed Departure Number < No. of allotments, multiple prices may be set depending on the number of places booked.

For instance, No. of allotments = 7

Guaranteed Departure Number = 5

You may have 2 prices:

– Price 1 with Max persons = 5, Min persons =1.

– Price 2 with Max persons =7 and Min persons = 6.

The system will determine the appropriate price based on current bookings.

Booking Wizard – How To Book A Group Tour

Search For Group Tours

In the create Deal process, when adding products, you have two search options: General and Group Tour.

For Group Tour-specific products, use the Group Tour search.

You can search by Starting Dates, Tour Code, Product Code, Country Area, Description, and the number of persons.

A screenshot showing the group tour search bar in the booking wizard
A screenshot showing the group tour search bar in the booking wizard and the group tour found

For O type deals, the operator must decide whether the system should update availability records upon finalizing the Deal.

For B type deals, the system automatically updates availability based on the deal’s number of persons.

Tour Composition

The operator should be able to overview the current composition of the group tour during the booking process for each starting date, considering other bookings in the system.

Group Tour composition should include:

  • Maximum group size
  • Number of travelers booked
  • Number of places reserved by options
  • Number of available places
  • Male/Female ratio
  • Average age
  • Details for each past booking, including traveler’s gender, year of birth, and nationality.
A screenshot showing the tour composition window that appears when searching for a group tour product before booking it