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Persons – Adding Persons And Types of Persons

In the main left menu, under “Customers,” there is a “Persons” menu item that leads to the list of all persons in the system.

A screenshot showing the Persons tab in the menu

Persons may be associated with Customers and Suppliers if they were added in the Supplier or Customer details. Alternatively, standalone Persons can be created directly in the persons list without any link to other entities (Customers or Suppliers).

A standalone Person is not linked to any Customer or Supplier and can be utilized as a Travel Designer or Tour Leader, depending on the type:

A screenshot showing the person type in the person details

Types of Persons

A screenshot showing the types of persons in a drop down list
  • Persons related to Customers or Suppliers typically have Type= General
  • For standalone persons, you may set any of the types

Tour Leader And Travel Designer

A Tour Leader type of person can be linked to a Product in the Allotments tab, for each starting date. This is useful if you own a website showcasing products from Victoury, and the Tour Leader must be shown. It might also be used for displaying templates with information related to the Tour Leaders (such as Travel plans):

A screenshot showing how to add a tour leader person in a group tour

Important: The Travel Designer type of person is not yet implemented for use in Products or Deals in Victoury. This enhancement will be implemented throughout the system in the future.

When creating a new deal, in the “Select Customer” section, the person will not be found if they are not related to any customers. However, you can add them as a Traveler when creating a new deal or editing an existing one. In this case, the system asks if you want to create a direct relationship with the customer of the deal.

A screenshot showing the window to link travelers to the customer

If you choose YES, the person will be added to the list of Directly Related Persons of the previously selected customer.

A screenshot showing the number of related persons to a customer

If you choose NO, the person will be added to the list of Other Persons of the previously selected customer.

A screenshot showing "other persons" in a customer profile

The next time you try to add this person to a deal as a customer, the system will identify them as related to the Customer to which they have already been linked. You will be asked if you want to use the existing customer to whom the person is linked, or create a new customer for this person:

A screenshot showing the new customer entry creation window for a person