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Matching And Merging Temporary Customers

Customer Matching in The Pipeline

When a lead is created through the website, Victoury generates a temporary customer and person for it. It then checks whether the email address of the person already exists in the system and is assigned to a customer/person. If so, the newly created lead is marked with a red exclamation mark for review and potential matching.

A screenshot showing the new lead in the pipeline tab

To match the temporary customer with an existing one, click on the red exclamation mark. This action opens the customer information, displaying the Matched Person. Click MATCH and confirm.

A screenshot showing the customer's profile and the match customer option
A screenshot showing the match customer confirmation window

After completing this operation, the temporary customer and person are deleted, and the deal is moved to the matched customer’s details.

Customer Matching in The Deals List

The same matching process can be applied from the Deals List. When a lead is created through a website, it also appears in the Deals List and is appropriately marked. The matching process is performed in the same manner as described above for pipeline matching.

A screenshot showing a deal entry and the match customer button

Customer Matching Without A Deal

This method is utilized by websites when a temporary customer may be created without a deal (e.g., by submitting various forms through a website).

In such cases, the temporary customer is added to the Customers list and marked accordingly.

The matching is conducted from the customer details.

Upon matching, temporary customers/persons are deleted.

A screenshot showing the customer matching button in the customer list
A screenshot showing the customer's profile and the temporary customer button
A screenshot showing the customer matching confirmation screen


If a temporary customer/person is matched with a person lacking their own customer entity, the same query pops up as in the booking process.

The scenario varies depending on the choice made at the first step, as seen in the image below (example of matching a deal).

A screenshot showing the customer matching window in more detail

When a deal is matched, the temporary customer is automatically matched with the permanent customer.