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Send Products to Sales Channels

‘Send to Sales Channel’ is a feature that facilitates communication between two Victoury environments:
one from which products are exported – Victoury1, and another which receives the exported products – Victoury2.

Using the Sales Channel feature, you can only export products from Victoury1 to Victoury2. The operation does not work in reverse.

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General Information About The Sales Channel Feature

Since Victoury2 is the environment that will receive products exported from Victoury1, in the Victoury1 environment, you must create a supplier representing the Victoury2 environment and check ‘Is Sales Channel’ in Supplier Information:

A screenshot showing the supplier edit window in a supplier profile

When you are in the product details, under the Sales Channel section, click on ‘+ADD NEW.’

When searching for sales channels, only suppliers with this setting enabled will be available for selection:

A screenshot showing the supplier list which are also sales channels

Once the Sales Channel is selected, the ‘Export’ button becomes available, and you may proceed to export your products:

A screenshot showing how to export products to sales channels