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Assign And Import Tasks to Calendars

A task can be created in Customer, Supplier, Product, or Deal details. When creating such a task, an email will be sent to the person tagged in the summary of the task if the tagged person is also a user of your Victoury environment, and to the customer if the task is related to a Deal or to the Customer and the option “Notify Customer” was checked.

A screenshot showing the window for adding a new task

When you are in the detailed view of the items mentioned above, the Tasks menu is visible in Quick Navigation and also by scrolling down the page.

The example below is from the Product detailed page.

A screenshot showing the quick navigation for the tasks section

To create a new TASK, click on the +ADD NEW button. Select the type of task (Call, Meeting, Offer Validity, or To-do), the due date, select the person in the Summary field using @ to tag them, and type in the details of the task. The details will be imported into the Google or Microsoft calendar.

A screenshot showing the new task window and how to mention a specific user for it

When SAVE is clicked, an email is sent to the user to whom the task has been assigned.

A screenshot showing the email received by a user once they had a task assigned to them

The email will offer two options:

  • Add to Google Calendar


  • Download ICS file


  • Add to Office Calendar
A screenshot showing the email template that a user gets when they have a task assigned to them

The body and subject of the email sent to the customer or operator are prepared in the Text Library using specific placeholders.

To view the task in Victoury, click on the name of the user in blue, which links to the task: @Irina Hamos.

If you choose to add it to your Google calendar, the option opens in the Google calendar service, and you can add additional info to the event before clicking save.

A screenshot in which a new Google task is set up

Choosing to download the ICS file will import the task into your Microsoft calendar.

A screenshot in which a new task is set up in Microsoft office

The rest is handled by Google, Microsoft, and Office calendars.

All tasks assigned are visible in the main left menu under Tasks. In the list of tasks, you can see details related to them: status, creation date, summary, the relation (if the task is related to a Product, Customer, or Reservation), and the author.

A task can be searched by a user’s name by typing a name in the search field, or other search options can be found in advanced search.

A screenshot showing the task tab in the Victoury menu
A screenshot showing two task entries in the tasks list

In the Emails tab, you can check if the email for the assigned task was sent.

A screenshot showing emails related to tasks and their status