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Texts Library

Text Library, exactly as the name suggests, is a library of texts.

You can create text entries using the menu item on the lower left:

A screenshot showing the text library tab in the menu

Text libraries created may be utilized in any text area of Victoury where you see the search feature below

A screenshot showing the search bar for text templates

or in templates used for sending both manual and automatic emails.

All texts in the library can be set in different translations for appropriate use.

It is important to note that each Text Library must have a specific label, as explained below.

The label serves as an identifier for the Text Library entries.

You can enter any word or expression in the Labels field when adding a new text library entry or when editing an existing one. The system will store it once Enter is pressed.
NOTE: Labels differ from what we call placeholders.

Click here for more information about placeholders.

Texts for use in any text area

General settings
– the label can be anything you find suggestive
– choose the brand – optional
– choose the category – optional
– for Type, choose General
– choose the Country/Region – optional
– type the title and the body of the texts
When importing such a text into a text area, the body of the text will be used.

A screenshot showing the text editor

When you are in Product texts, for example, use the search option to search for a text in the library. Select it and save your choice. The body of the text from the library will be used as the text for the section you have selected – in the example below, PRODUCT DESCRIPTION from product texts.

A screenshot showing the search bar in the product text field
A screenshot showing the search window for text libraries

Text Library entries for Automatic emails – with a scheduled script

Reminder for down payment

For reservations that have a set down payment amount and date, and the down payment has not yet been received – send out a reminder email X days after the down payment due date.

Text Library label: downpaymentReminder

Reminder for the remaining payment

If the remaining payment has not yet been received, send out a reminder email X days after the due date of the remaining payment.

Text Library label: restpaymentReminder

Bon voyage

X days before the departure date (reservation.start_date).

Text Library label: bonVoyage


X days after the return date (reservation.end_date).

Link to a survey to be sent by email, related to a Text Library entry.

Text Library label: survey

Text Library entries for Action-triggered emails

Email template for deal document sharing

  • Set up an email template in the Text Library from the main left menu:
  • Create a new template considering the following mandatory requests:

General settings:
– for labels, select documentShare and reservation
– select the Brand
– for Type, select Template

Category and Country/Region settings are optional.

Title – Add a new language and set a title that will represent the subject of the email:

“Victoury shared #{{bookingCode}} document with you” – with a placeholder for the deal code and the rest of the text is, of course, up to your preference.

Body text, also at your preference. Only the placeholders are important to be accurately placed as in the following example:

“Greetings #{{customer}}.

The following document has been shared with you since you are a traveler in Deal #{{bookingCode}}.

This document contains information about your upcoming reservation. To view the document, please click the button below.


Best regards,

Demo Brand 1


A screenshot showing an example of an email for deal document sharing

Email template for customer invoice sending

General settings:

  • for labels, choose documentShare and customerInvoice
  • for Type, choose Template


A screenshot showing an example of n email for customer invoices

A customer invoice can be sent automatically from Deal details/Operations/Customer invoices.

A screenshot showing the generated customer invoice in a deal

Library Texts used for Supplier Order Email

The Order Email will be constructed using the below Text Library entries by labels:

  • OrderEmail – general text library entry where the label is “orderEmail” which includes the text library entries below using placeholders:

– orderHeader – text library entry where the label is “orderHeader”

– orderSubtext – text library entry where the label is “orderSubtext”

– orderBody – text library entry where the label is “orderBody”

– orderProduct – text library entry by product category where the label is “orderProduct”

Text Library orderProduct

  • can be set for different product categories and translations, meaning that for each category, you may build a body containing placeholders to be replaced when the order email is sent.

Example for Hotel category:

A screenshot showing an email example for a hotel product category

This example contains placeholders related to arrangement details and description about the info replaced.

Text Library orderBody

  • can have different translations and uses its specific placeholders as described in the article related to placeholders defined in Victoury.
  • orderBody contains the placeholder for order products which is #{{orderProducts}} – and contains all placeholders related to the arrangement, as described above.

Example of orderBody entry in Text Library:

A screenshot showing an email example of an order

Text Library orderEmail

  • can have different translations and contains placeholders: #{{orderHeader}}, #{{orderSubtext}}, #{{orderBody}}, #{{orderSignature}}, #{{companyInfo}}
  • in the Title, you may use placeholders like #{{bookingCode}}, #{{bookingDestination}}, #{{mainTravelerName}}

Example of orderEmail entry in the Text Library:

A screenshot showing an example email for an order email

For more information about sending the email and how to set the placeholders, see the articles below.

See here for more information about sending Supplier order emails.

Create a Lead form in VCT for Notify Customer / Notify Operator checkboxes triggered emails

These emails require a Text Library entry identified by label.

Emails are sent to the Customer’s main person’s email address as provided by the forms, or to the Operator depending on which checkbox is selected in Create lead form (Notify Operator or Notify Customer, or both).

Text Library label: leadCreate

Down payment or Full payment received

Send a confirmation email to the customer when either the down payment or full payment is entered in Victoury.

  • if the amount is below the total amount, send a downpaymentreceived email
  • if the total amount is received, send a restpaymentreceived email

Text library entries used are the ones with the label “downPaymentReceived and restPaymentReceived”

Text library entries used for when a Task is created for a Customer or Reservation

Sent using text library record with a label depending on the type:

  • MEET – customerMeetingCreate
  • CALL – customerCallCreate
  • OFFVAL – customerOfferValidityCreate
  • TODO – customerTodoCreate
  • EMAIL – customerEmailCreate
  • VCALL – customerVideoconferenceCreate
  • ORC – customerOrderCatalogueCreate

Text Library entry with label customerCreate

Text Library entries used for Task assignment

Two library entries are used for task assignment, containing specific placeholders:

  • Task Assignment for the Operator, labeled taskAssignmentOperator
  • Task Assignment for the Customer, labeled taskAssignmentCustomer


A screenshot showing an email example of an email when a task was assigned to an operator

Discover more about tasks.

Text Library entries for Deal Assignment

Emails sent when a Deal is assigned to a Victoury user use the Text Library record with the label “dealAssignment.”

Text Library entries for manual emails

Text Library entries used as templates for Deal Details / Email tab

These emails require a Text Library entry identified by a label.

Example: quotation; reservation; documentShare, etc.