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How to Assign A Travel Designer to A Product

First, you will create the Travel Designer as a product in the Product List.

The Product Code will always start with TD, which stands for Travel Designer in the Product_Category set within the Choice List. The subsequent characters of the product code should relate to the name of the Travel Designer. For example, Laura Rose’s code could be: TDROSELA or TDLAURRO. However, the specific designation after TD is at your discretion.

The Category of the product will always be Travel Designer – TD.

For the Product Type, select Itinerary.

For this product category, a set of Extra Fields are available to be populated with personal information: Personal Name, Family Name, Email, Telephone. Upon your request, we can add additional fields. These details will appear on documents, PDF templates generated from Victoury, or on the website.

A description of the Travel Designer will be entered in Texts – PRODUCT DESCRIPTION.

A screenshot showing a product set as a travel designer
A screenshot showing additional fields added to the travel designer product
A screenshot showing the product description for the travel designer

In Trip Designer, add the Travel Designer on the first day of the trip under Editor/PACKAGE CONTENTS. Click ADD NEW and choose Existing. Search for the Travel Designer using the available search filters, then click SELECT:

A screenshot showing the trip designer package content tab searching for an existing or new product
A screenshot showing the search bar for a product booking and the travel designers