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Suppliers – How To Register A Supplier Payment

To register a supplier payment, navigate to Operations/Supplier Payments from the left main menu. Select one or more entries that have a created supplier invoice, click on the edit symbol, and then choose Register Supplier Payment.

A screenshot showing the supplier payment tab in the menu
A screenshot showing the supplier paymen ts menu

Important: The system allows selecting only supplier payment records with the same buy currency for registering a supplier payment.

A screenshot showing the error message when using multiple currencies

The payment can be registered for either the total amount of the supplier invoices or a partial amount, and only for the supplier payment records that have a supplier invoice in Victoury.

A screenshot showing the add supplier payment window containing 2 entries

The total amount to be paid is pre-filled, but you can enter a different amount if the payment is partial or exceeds the supplier invoice value. If the amount is lower, the Details column will display “Partial Payment.”

A screenshot showing a partial payment

If you enter an amount that is greater than the supplier invoice amount, the Details column will indicate “Paying more than needed.”

A screenshot showing a payment that exceeds the expected amount

Select the Payment Type (dropdown with options settable in Settings/Choice Lists/Payment Type) and enter the Payment Reference, if any. Click Save to register the supplier payment.

You can always check the status of supplier payments in Deals/Accounting, for each deal:

A screenshot showing the accounting tab under the deals menu

For the registered payments, the SP code is displayed for the type.

A screenshot showing the accounting entry created for the supplier payment

All registered supplier payments can be viewed in the main left menu under Deals / Accounting if you search by Type = Supplier Payment (SP).

A screenshot showing multiple accounting entries

If the total value of the Supplier Invoice is registered as a supplier payment, the Supplier Payment record is deleted; the payment is visible only in Accounting related to the deal.