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Suppliers – How To Create A Supplier Invoice

To create a supplier invoice, navigate to Deals List. Select the Deal you wish to create a supplier invoice for, then click on the edit symbol and choose Create Supplier Invoice.

A screenshot showing the extended menu in the bookings list

A new window will open, displaying the arrangements for the Deal. If you haven’t chosen your suppliers for the items listed, you can do so at this stage by editing them and selecting a supplier for each one. Additionally, you can also set a Buy Price for each product if this hasn’t been established already.

A screenshot showing the add supplier invoice window
A screenshot showing the arrangement edit window

After setting up the supplier and saving the changes, select the arrangement you wish to invoice. To generate the invoice, you must enter the Reference invoice code in the designated field, and the Reference invoice total amount must match the Total amount.

A screenshot showing a new arrangement in a supplier invoice

Then, GO TO OVERVIEW and if the invoice is final, check the box for IS FINAL INVOICE. This indicates that no further invoices will be issued to this supplier for the current reservation and arrangement.

A screenshot showing the supplier invoice overview

Note that for an already created supplier invoice, the only editable option is to indicate whether the invoice is final. Other details cannot be modified. If the invoice is incorrect regarding other details, you must issue a credit note for that invoice and recreate the invoice with the correct details.