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Website Settings – SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Currently, the favicon is not customizable per website. It remains the same for all our tenants.

A screenshot showing the website icons in a browser's tabs

Title and Meta Keywords and Description

In Victoury, these settings can be customized for each website through the main left menu, under the General tab, in the Domain Setup area.

A screenshot showing the website settings tab in the menu

The title, which appears in Google search results, must be set in the Domain Setup area, under the Name field.

A screenshot showing the domain setup settings

Domain Type, Protocol and Full Domain Name article here.

Meta Keywords
Meta keywords help search engines understand the page’s content. Choose up to 10 relevant keywords that accurately reflect your pages. Enter the keywords in the designated field, hitting enter after each word.

A screenshot showing the domain setting and the meta keywords input field

Meta Description
A meta description offers a brief, appealing summary of a page’s content. Google features this description in search results, displayed beneath your page’s title. Therefore, choose a meta description thoughtfully, ensuring it’s clear, concise, and within 160 characters. This approach enhances visibility and attracts more visitors to your website.

A screenshot showing the domain setup section and the meta description part


This section requires a Google Analytics Account. Follow these steps to integrate analytics into your website if you haven’t already:

  1. Log into your account and go to the Admin tab.
A screenshot showing the google analytics home page and the admin tab
  1. Navigate to Create Property -> Property Settings.
A screenshot showing the create property button in Google analytics
  • Name your property for easy identification, especially if you manage multiple properties.
  • Set the Default URL of your website.
A screenshot showing the property settings in google analytics
  • Enable Users Metric in reporting.
  • Save.
A screenshot showing the user metrics settings
  1. Copy the Tracking ID code and paste it into Victoury (Website/General/Analytics).
A screenshot showing the tracking id in google analytics
  • Save
A screenshot showing the analytics section in Victoury