How To Make A Custom Itinerary Using The Trip Designer

This article shows you how to create a standard or custom itinerary in the Trip Designer, a visual tool for creating trips.
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The Struggles of Itinerary Creation

A lot of effort goes into designing an itinerary, and even more so if you create a custom itinerary for your customers. After choosing the perfect and most attractive destination, the travel plan needs to be established with activities for each day. And in some cases, the transport to the destination needs to be assured. All of the itinerary details have to be confirmed with the suppliers, and once a booking is confirmed, invoices need to be sent both to the customers and the suppliers along with multiple other documents. Keeping track of all the emails to be sent can be tricky, especially when you offer multiple types of tours and destinations. 

Victoury offers a visual trip designer to make the itinerary creation process easier, be it a standard or custom itinerary. Communication with customers and suppliers is also more accessible through integrated email connections. You can easily and conveniently send documents or messages via email directly from Victoury without switching back and forth between multiple platforms. Customer profiles can also be saved along with personal documents, and suppliers can be automatically contacted when a booking is requested and confirmed. 

Discover how efficient and intuitive the itinerary creation process is while using Victoury’s Trip Designer tool. 

A Visual Tool

The Trip Designer is a tool that allows you to create itineraries in a visual way. 

When you create a new trip, after inputting basic trip details like the trip title and category, the Trip Designer opens up and you can start adding in products and descriptions. 

There are three main windows in the Trip Designer.

  • The Timeline View where you can see the timeline of the itinerary and the arrangements planned for each day. 
  • The Editor where you can edit details for each day, product, or add new products.
  • The Overview Tab which shows you how the trip plan looks.

Products can be arranged either in the timeline by drag and drop, or in the editor under the package contents. The colors of the products are editable in the properties panel, making it easier to differentiate between arrangement types.

Creating a Standard or Custom Itinerary

Designing a complete trip takes less than an hour. All you have to do is write each day’s description and the details for your products.

There are two types of trips available in Victoury: 

  • A trip related to a product which uses a product in the Trip Designer.
  • A trip related to a deal which is created while making an itinerary deal.

This article will focus on the product trip type.

1. Adding Products to a Trip

The process of adding a new product is done in the editor under the package contents. Either an already existing product or a new product can be added. Any product created in the trip designer will also appear in the product list. 

Adding a new product in a standard or custom trip.

A product needs a name, code, category, country area, and type. Further details are modified in the trip designer by clicking on the product name in the timeline, and then going to the properties tab, or in the product list which allows for more extensive changes. 

The editable details to a product available in the trip designer are:

  • The Product Name
  • The Itinerary Section with start and end times for each day the product is available
  • Multimedia images which were already uploaded or new ones
  • The General Description

All of these sections can include texts in multiple languages depending on the languages you add to the platform. 

The products can also be edited under the package contents section in terms of attribute, duration counted in days, and the day of the tour they’re available from. The product’s inclusion in total and inclusion in the printed travel plan can also be toggled on and off.

2. Adding Alternative Products

Alternative products are used to offer a choice to your customers. These arrangements can be different accommodation types, different activities, or even meals. 

Adding an alternative product

An alternative product is linked to a product which can’t be the main one. In the booking process, the customer is able to freely switch between the products according to what they want.

You can include as many alternatives as you need inside a package. They will show up on the timeline as a bordered box under the product they are connected to. 

Alternative product in itinerary overview

Editing an alternative is done in the same way as for any product: either in the properties tab or in the package contents tab. The alternative appears as an “A” on the line of the product it is linked to, and clicking on this box opens up the options to edit and delete the alternative. 

3. Sharing the trip

A trip can be shared as a PDF document or as a link.

To share it as a PDF, navigate to the trip details and click on “Open Product”, then select any option in the documents tab. You can just preview the plan by clicking on print, download it, or directly send it to your customers via email if you have an email address set up in Victoury. The design of the document can remain as the standard one, or you can set up your own design along with the Victoury team to align it to your brand and include your logo. 

The link sharing is available in the trip designer right above the timeline. This link always stays the same, no matter the edits you make to the trip, and any modifications to the travel plan appear in real-time. The preview language can be changed in the trip details tab. Make sure to have translations added for the products so the text is displayed as needed. 

Why Should You Choose Victoury’s Trip Designer for Your Travel Business?

The Trip Designer was created with travel professionals just like you in mind. As our team has experience with travel and the travel industry, we created the most comprehensive tool for you to manage your travel business, either as a tour operator, travel agency, or independent travel professional. 

That is why the Trip Designer is the perfect tool to create both standard trips and custom itineraries depending on your customers’ needs. Each trip created in the trip designer can be used as a template to craft the perfect itinerary which suits your customers and makes their experience unforgettable, saving you precious time in making trips from scratch for each individual traveler. As soon as the travel details are set and confirmed, you can send the travel plan to your customer in just one click via email, or print it out in an already defined design aligned to your brand. 

Check out our YouTube playlist which takes you through the itinerary creation process.

Secure Your Demo Session With Us

Victoury is unique in its customization power among other travel software. Each travel business can get their own version of the software to perfectly match their operations, processes, and existing solutions. The Victoury team is comprised of experienced software developers and travel experts. Every feature is carefully thought out to aid travel professionals in their work. 

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What is Victoury?

Victoury is a highly-customizable tour operator software which manages all aspects of your travel business. 

Victoury is adaptable to any travel business. The software is browser-based, so no downloads are required and it can be accessed anywhere, even from home. Backed by the Gloobus Bus Service, you can connect to any kind of supplier or accounting system. And if you don’t need all of the features, the software interface can be edited to only include what you require. 

Victoury was started in 2018 after years of collaborating with travel professionals. Our team noticed the lack of a customizable travel tool that also manages all aspects of a travel business. Victoury is constantly optimized by our development team to reflect your needs as a travel professional. 

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