Victoury Cloud Migration To Amazon Web Services

The Victoury team is proud to announce that the scheduled migration to the Amazon Web Services has been completed as planned. With the help of BlazeClan and their guidance, all operations to migrate our services and client’s data ran smoothly. Our cooperation with BlazeClan will continue so that we can assure the best experience for our clients. 

What does the migration to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud mean?

The AWS package was made specifically for Victoury and with our client’s needs in mind. The Victoury team discussed and created the best infrastructure and data storage model together with the AWS team in order to make sure that this migration benefits everyone involved. 

Now that the Victoury ecosystem is hosted on the AWS cloud, operations in the software will be more efficient and flexible. The services offered by Victoury can be easily scaled, and deployments now have zero downtime. This means that processes on the software are faster and adaptable. The migration also heightened the security of each area of the software. AWS launches and updates their security features regularly to maintain and keep their services up to date with the latest developments. The overall security, stability, and scalability of the software increased due to this migration. Moreover, our clients benefit from more transparency when it comes to the software and their data.

Victoury is under constant improvement to make our clients’ work more efficient, so this migration is a huge step in both our journey and our clients’ workflow. With this we would like to thank all of our clients for their collaboration and support. Our team is looking forward to what our collaboration will bring in the future. 

What is Victoury?

Victoury is a highly-customizable tour operator software which manages all aspects of your travel business as a tour operator, travel agency, or travel service provider. 

Victoury is adaptable to any travel business. The software is browser-based, so no downloads are required and it can be accessed anywhere, even from home. Backed by the Gloobus Bus Service, you can connect to any kind of supplier or accounting system. And if you don’t need all of the features, the software interface can be edited to only include what you require. 

Victoury was started in 2018 after years of collaborating with travel professionals. Our team noticed the lack of a customizable travel tool that also manages all aspects of a travel business. Victoury is constantly optimised by our development team to reflect your needs as a travel professional. 

Read more about Victoury here.

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