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Deals – How to Print A Travel Voucher

After a deal has been created, you have the option to print a voucher for it.
This option is available from:

  • The Deals list (select the deal and click on the edit sign)
A screenshot showing the print voucher button under the deal list menu
  • Deal details
A screenshot showing the print voucher option in a deal's details

The creation process starts at the product level, so the first step is to
set the Create Voucher option to Yes in Product details/Product Information.
All products with Create Voucher set to Yes will be displayed on the Voucher.

A screenshot showing the create voucher option under a product's general details tab

The information on the voucher is printed in the preferred language of the
supplier’s main contact. If no language is set for this contact,
English will be used by default.

If you haven’t set all details in the product in the product list, you can edit the corresponding arrangement in the deal after the product is booked.

Please see the screenshot below for a description of each piece of information displayed on the voucher:

A screenshot of a voucher document and its layout

{Product_category} VOUCHER

{Company Logo as set in General Settings}

Our reference: {Booking_code}

Your reference: {Confirmation_Nr}

Party: {Main_traveller}

Date: {Print_Date}


{Street name}, {House nr}, {House extension}, {Town}, {Postal code}



{Logo of the supplier}


Travellers | DOB (dd/mm/yyyy)

PRODUCT NAME: {Product Name} – from the product’s translated texts in the supplier’s preferred language, valid on the printing date, or the Product name.

SERVICE: {Voucher_Text} from the arrangement, or, if empty, the Reservation_text from the arrangement.

SERVICE TYPE: {PriceType1}, {PriceType2}, {PriceType3}, {PriceType4} – the price types as set for each price.

BEGIN DATE: {Arrangement Date Begin} – END DATE: {Arrangement Date End}

DAYS/NIGHTS: 9/8 (NIGHTS if charged nights is true)

EMBARK LOCATION: (only if specified in the arrangement)

DISEMBARK LOCATION: (only if specified in the arrangement)

REMARKS: (only if specified)