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Deals – Creating An Additional Deal

The Additional Deal feature is accessible from the Deals list. To access it, select a Deal from the list and click on the edit icon:

A screenshot showing the additional deal button under the deals list menu

Additional Reservation General Details

  • The type of the additional reservation (Option or Booking) will be the same as the original.
  • The code for the additional deal will follow the same format as the original deal (O or B+brand code+number), with an incremental number (“-1”, “-2”, “-3”, etc.) added to the end of the original’s reservation code.

For additional reservations, incremental values like 1, 2, 3, etc., are used. The system permits the addition of new reservations only by selecting the most recently created additional reservation. Attempting to create a new reservation with a code that duplicates an existing one will trigger an error: “B-123234-3 already exists.”

  • The details of the additional reservation include:
    • The customer will be the same as in the original reservation.
    • The billing address will remain that of the original reservation.
    • The creator of the additional reservation will be acknowledged as its author.
    • The brand associated with the additional reservation will be the same as the creator’s brand.
  • The contents of the original deal’s Arrangements tab will not be copied; the additional reservation’s Arrangements tab will start empty.
  • Itineraries will not be duplicated.
  • If the original Deal is linked to a trip, the Additional deal will be created without a trip link.
  • The system will prompt the user to decide whether to duplicate travelers (YES/NO).
    • If “No,” the new reservation will not include any travelers.
    • If “Yes,” the individuals from the original reservation will be added as travelers in the new one.

Once the Additional deal is created, you can proceed to add new travelers and arrangements.

The customer in an Additional deal can be changed using the CHANGE CUSTOMER feature.