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Deals – Add A New Standard, Itinerary, or Lead Deal

How to Add a Standard Deal

To add a new deal, navigate to Deals/Deals List in the left main menu and click on the + symbol. You will see three types of deals displayed: 

A screenshot showing the types of deals in Victoury

Select Standard Deal, and a new window will open where you can choose to create either an Option or a Deal, select the Arrangement Type, etc. 
For other arrangement types, Brand/Profit Centers, or Destinations, you can add, edit, or remove them via Settings/Choice Lists
The brand you select when creating the deal will be assigned to the customer and to the deal’s arrangement. 

A screenshot showing a standard deal in Victoury

Adding a Customer and Travelers

You will then be prompted to add a customer. At this point, you can add an existing customer or create a new one.

To add more travelers to the main customer, click on +ADD TRAVELER to insert all the information related to the traveler. To add multiple travelers without entering all their details immediately, click +ADD MORE TRAVELERS.

Next, choose whether to create a relationship between the newly added travelers and the main customer. If you establish such a relationship, these travelers will also be added to the customer’s personal list: 

A screenshot showing the customer selection in Victoury
A screenshot showing the customer selection in Victoury and the possibility to link customers with other people
A screenshot showing the customer selection step in a deal

Editing The Customer or Travelers

After adding travelers, you can reorder them using the REORDER option and edit their details using ACTIONS/EDIT. 

A screenshot showing the customer selection step in Victoury and how to select only one person

If you toggle the Search existing option, you can search for an existing person (customer) already created in your system or create a new person/traveler.

A screenshot showing the edit person window in the customer selection step of a deal
A screenshot showing the search box for persons in a deal

Adding Arrangements

Next, you must select the arrangements for your deal. Click on ADD PRODUCT and book your products. It is mandatory to search by the beginning and end date, but other fields are optional and can help you find your product more quickly.

A screenshot showing the product booking window in Victoury

Select your product to book. If you have selected a package in your deal, the package supplements will be displayed. In this overlay, choose what is printed on the invoice (or other document templates) and what to include in the total amount of the deal – the final price. 
If you check the _Include in Total_ box, the price of the product will be added to the final price of the deal. If you check the _Print_ box, the product will be displayed on different documents.

A screenshot showing a travel package and a booking selection

The system will import all the product details from the setup at the product level, but you can edit all the product’s details by clicking on the product name at this stage. These changes will only occur at the arrangement/deal level and will not affect the initial product setup.

A screenshot showing the arrangements for a deal

Adding an Itinerary and Addresses, and Finalizing The Deal

Next, you find the option to add an itinerary, if necessary, and after that, you can add or remove addresses. The next step is to finalize the deal after ensuring all details are correct. If not, make the necessary corrections and then finalize the deal.

A screenshot showing the traveler and deal overview

You now have the deal confirmation. 

A screenshot showing a deal confirmation

How to Add an Itinerary Type Deal

The Itinerary Deal is designed for booking trips, which will be linked to the newly created deals. 
The deal process is the same as described above for the Standard Deal, with the difference being that for an Itinerary Deal, a trip is saved and attached to the deal. For all Itinerary type deals in the Deals List, the icon of the trip is visible. 

A screenshot showing the linked trip icon to a deal

If you click on the trip icon, the trip associated with the deal will open, and you can personalize it for each client without changing the main trip product that was created in the trip list. 

How to Add a Lead Type Deal

The process for creating a Lead type deal is the same as creating a Lead from the Pipeline and is described in the Pipeline article.