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Deals – Change The Customer And Travelers

This feature is particularly useful for instances where a Deal is duplicated to be sold to a different customer.

A deal can be duplicated by using the “Duplicate Deal” option from the edit dropdown menu.

A screenshot showing the duplicate deal button in the deal list

In the Deal Details under Customer information, there is a “CHANGE CUSTOMER” button.

A screenshot showing the change customer button in a deal

When this button is clicked, Victoury prompts you to decide if you want to maintain the existing travelers. Depending on your choice, the travelers can either be maintained or not.

If you click NO, the existing travelers in this Deal are maintained, and only the customer is changed.

If you click Yes, the customer is changed, and the new travelers are those related to this new customer. The new travelers will then be assigned to the existing arrangements.

A screenshot showing the confirmation button to maintain travelers once the deal is duplicated