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Suppliers – How To Create A Supplier

To create a new supplier, navigate to the main menu on the left and select Suppliers.

A screenshot showing the supplier tab

Click the + symbol. A new tab will open, allowing you to enter details about the supplier. If the supplier is a company, select the corresponding radio button and fill out the fields in this section.

A screenshot showing the new supplier window

After clicking SAVE, the newly created supplier will appear in the supplier list. You can then add further details as follows:

  • Main Information: Include the company logo, company details, a person’s picture and details, contact information (the use of the information may vary depending on the Type set; for example, if the Type is ‘Order Email’, the email address is used when sending a supplier order to the “To” field), and supplier type.
  • Supplier Information: Assign an account number and define order header/text.
  • Operations Section: Displays all invoices created for the supplier. Supplier invoices can only be added from the Deal list – see the article on creating supplier invoices.
  • Supplier Payments Details: Instructions on how to register a supplier payment can be found here.
  • Addresses: All supplier addresses are also visible in the Addresses list and can be used to set the Embark/Disembark location in Product details or per Price of a product if Type=Location or if no Type is set at all.
  • Persons: A supplier may have multiple people linked to it.
  • Tasks
  • Notes


If the supplier is set as “Is Sales Channel”, Victoury offers you the capability to export products from your environment to another, through product details.

A screenshot showing the sales channel suppliers

This means that you have the opportunity to manage a Sales channel, which is essentially another Victoury tenant connected to your environment.

A screenshot showing how to edit the supplier details